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May 10th

9:00 - 12:00 PST

Resolution Reboot-Reinvented!

Special guest, Amy Kutch Stanberry from Dexafit, recently featured on Netflix's "You are What You Eat" explain the how & why behind DexaFit's groundbreaking reporting & metrics. Michelle DeWolf will use your personalized metrics to craft your path to success. Together we will create a personalized roadmap for your best health! 


Limited Spots Available

14-Day Whole Real Food Reset

Kick yourself into high gear after overindulging or feeling off track.

Use the robust dietary plan and app for accountability.

Meal plans, shopping lists, tracking & supplements are available to amplify your results quickly

Begins: on your timeframe to DIY your next step


Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.


14 days



Past Events

July 13


Unlocking the Power of Your Gut


This webinar is a Gut Health 360! Taking a holistic approach, Michelle will provide research, practical tips, and transformative strategies to optimize your gut health and pave the way for a balanced, vibrant life!

Join us for this eye-opening webinar covering the fascinating world of gut health and its profound impact on your well-being!


*limited spots


Only 5 spots left!

June 2-4


Kaizen Living Retreat

My great friend Nan is putting on comprehensive retreat about helping people get healthier through positive change in their eating habits, movement and mental health. Myself, along with other speakers, will be focusing on small positive changes we can make, while gathering and supporting each other. 

May 16th


Nail Your Negotiation

Alice and I are so excited to work together! Negotiation is a part of everyday life! Whether you have a big conversation with your boss coming up, constantly debate with your children over their allowance of sweets, or overall want to have increased confidence when expressing your opinions, this class is for everyone! Self-care here!


Recording Available

April 27th


Michelle's Wellness Workshop

True wellness is low tech, back to basics and not necessarily something you can buy off a shelf. It is sleep, food, exercise, stress management, community, fresh air, and sunshine. It's about behavior, habits, and lifestyle. Let's do it!


Recording available!

March 22nd

6:00 PM

WEBINAR - What's the Connection?

Stress, Hormones, and Your Gut

Trust you gut. That saying might take on new meaning after we discuss what certain symptoms mean for both your gut and overall health!


*limited spots

January 31st


Home Health: Lunch & Learn

By invitation of Jenny Yu from the Women's Circle of Connections (WCOC), Lesley Ray Design and I, a San Francisco-based residential interior design firm, will introduce where to begin reducing toxins, how to prioritize design decisions for health, as well as a room by room walk through of considerations in creating a healthier home environment.


Via email

Nov. 17th


SBM Group Fit - Ladies Night

Join myself and SBM Group FIT on Thursday, November 17 at 6PM for Ladies Night! Instructors Ilissa Louth and Angela Mercado will be teaching a bounce class that is sure to be full of sweaty fun! I will be raffling off a 14-Day Reset Program, as well as a 28-Day Mediterranean Dietary Plan! Spots are limited so sign up now!


Book your rebounder!

Oct. 19th

6:00PM - 7:00 PM PST

Menopause & Sleep Webinar: What you need to know

You will learn all things menopause, the inter-workings of nutrition and hormones, and how they are all connected to sleep. Support your body and watch the session recording now!


Sept. 22nd

6:00PM - 7:00 PM PST

Time for a Nutritional & Lifestyle "Detox"?

Watch to learn the different ways we ingest and expel toxins, and how to support our body's natural detoxification process! 


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