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Client Testimonials

Celebrate your wins.  Healthy journeys have many milestones and accomplishments along the way

"It's one thing to want to do something, and another to do something about it. I made the commitment to making some changes in my diet, and my understanding of what to look for, particularly around food selection and using food labels in a thoughtful way.

I've been working with Michelle for about 6 months. She has worked with me on my own schedule - gently pushing me along to my goals, without being pushy.

Food journaling has been the past few months and getting to that point was probably the most important. It made me see what my habits and crutches were, as well as some alternatives and considerations for what could supplement, or take their place.

Michelle has been amazing, encouraging me to find my way in a sustainable way and working with me on the things I would change, and those I wouldn't. (those meaning more in moderation!)

I will continue to work with Michelle on a maintenance basis and whole-heartedly refer her to others."

~ Eric C

"I initially sought Michelle’s advice nearly 2 years ago to help improve my energy level and overall mood. I knew I needed to tweak my diet but just did not know where to begin. Little did I know at the time, my experience would be profoundly impactful and life-changing.

Michelle is the most remarkable listener and asks the important questions necessary to determine the best course of action for each and every client. Her programs are tailored to the individual, and she has a unique ability to help her clients visualize their own limitations and challenges in achieving their goals. As a result of this shared understanding, she empowers her clients to work towards their success using whatever path is most comfortable and attainable.

She is THE BEST cheerleader and loves to celebrate her clients’ achievements, big and small. Her passion for her work is boundless and inspiring. She is a joy to work with I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. Personally, I met the goal of improved nutrition and increased energy (with the added benefit of a little weight loss) and was able to maintain my new routine easily and have continued it to this day. This is the best investment I have ever made in myself and my family, and I am so thankful to Michelle."

~ Erica G

Success shows in many forms.  Health and Wellness changes will affect your lifestyle for the better.
Change is possible when desire meets accountability.

"Michelle made my frustration with getting in the kitchen less daunting and intimidating. As a business owner with my own battles of time management and evaluating what things I would like to make time for, she gave me the tools to actually succeed in the kitchen. She is a loving mother and an entrepreneur with a culinary background, so I can really appreciate the fact that she simply understands. I am ready to take this new mindset into my fitness and business endeavors."

~Joey S

"I came to Michelle because of my high blood pressure. I was on medication but I didn’t want to rely on meds for the rest of my life. However, I didn’t like to exercise (a boring and time-consuming concept), and I didn’t want to drastically change my diet. Michelle is incredibly patient and understanding, at the same time, she is very knowledgeable. She started off asking me to drink more water, a pretty small and easy step, then add veggie snacks during the day, another small step. We also explored the concept of different types of exercise, and she encouraged me to try different fun things that involved physical movement. Fast forward to today, I am working with a personal trainer twice a week, running at least once a week and before COVID, I was swimming once a week. All of these were unimaginable 2 years ago. Oh, and I managed to cut my HPB medicine dose in half, and on track to hopefully get off the medication next year. I highly recommend her."

~Elisa Yu

Your partner in healthier outcomes.  Michelle Dewolf
Your well-being is within reach, and its worth the stretch

"As a health care practitioner, and placing my own health and fitness a priority, I learned some very helpful lifestyle changes that I was not thoughtful of. Thank you Michelle for opening my eyes to some health and well being practices that continue to help me everyday!"

~Julie B

"Michelle and I were able to figure out areas where I was getting stuck and she provided me with several easy options to help me meet my goals. Everything she offered was logical and practical. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking for help and support in moving past a plateau or hurdle! She will get you to the other side!"

~Kim S

Healthier lifestyles create a happier YOU
Confidence grows as you are able to build and maintain healthier habits

"I highly recommend Michelle. Her nurturing approach to helping others makes you feel able to take small steps toward great results. I so appreciated that she met me right where I was at without judgment. She helped me to create lasting changes that I love!"

~Lauren B

"I have personally worked with Michelle the owner Of Festive Table and can say she really opened my eyes to strategies on how to lose weight but still feel satisfied. She has a huge amount of experience in actually cooking Healthy foods with her culinary background, which you don’t normally receive with nutritional coaching. Her coaching style is loving and understanding. I really enjoyed my time working with Michelle and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn how to prepare healthier foods and take back control of their health."

~Josh M

A health coach is your guide on your journey.  You are not alone in the quest for greater well-being
Your wellness is attached to your mindset. The more open you are to change the healthier your habits become.

"Michelle is awesome. I have seen the results with the clients who she's with worked with in my networking group. All I heard was how she helped them lose weight, feel more energetic and alert. Just healthy overall. I have. Through a brief conversation with her she made one suggestion to me about my eating habits because I would feel sluggish/foggy by late morning or early afternoon. I did one change and it made a difference. I felt much better. I also listen to a couple of her talks and applied some of nutritional practices to myself and family. I love her mindset that it's not about a diet but living a health lifestyle. I currently purchased her book on Amazon "Reboot You". She does an excellent job teaching and instructing her clients, yet not overwhelming them by keeping things clear and simple."

~A Lopez

"Working with Michelle was an eye opening experience. Her patience and knowledge was incredible. I had quite a few preconceived notions about food hat she was able to coach me through. I have tried several diets and while i would see results for a short time, nothing worked to keep the weight off. I really hate kale, so i was concerned she was going to say that I had to eat kale and other nasty diet foods but she really worked with me to show me how to eat the good food in moderation and to balance it out with other nutritious foods. I have dropped weight slowly and consistently and been able to keep it off! (AND NO KALE!) it is a real mind set change that I have had after working with her and has led to healthier habits."

~Bill S

Plans designed to meet your health and wellness goals
A real health coach is your partner supporting you on your wellness journey

"Michelle DeWolf is a Menlo Park Health Coach helping people to their best nutrition, strongest immune system and healthy lifestyle. Michelle has an 80% success rate coaching her clients to meet and exceed their health and wellness goals- Lower cholesterol, lose weight and increase energy and fitness. Michelle is professional, smart and fun! I highly recommend Michelle."

~Trish M

"I highly recommend Michelle! She is such an amazing person and coach! Michelle has such a wonderful approach that has guided me to where I am today! I don't know what I would do without her guidance and expertise!"

~Deanna T

Success is achievable by partnering with an accountability partner
Making time for you is an important first step on your health and wellness journey

"Michelle is awesome! She helped me organize my time to make easy healthy meals so I maintained a healthy energy level throughout my day. I highly recommend her."

~Karen M

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