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Michelle DeWolf Health and Wellness Coaching

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Michelle DeWolf

A Passionate Professional Coach

My journey to becoming a Nationally Board Certified Health Coach in 2020 started in 2005 while working on a Masters in Nutrition. That program focused on clinical settings and addressed the needs of patients AFTER they were diagnosed. I realized I wanted to work with people and families to prevent the symptoms or diseases from finding a home. This helped me launch cooking classes focused on nutrition where I worked with kids and families to make veggies a fun addition to every meal.

Parents then began asking me “What should we be eating when…”. I embarked on my coaching certification program to answer that question as everybody’s needs are different. This launched my initial programs. in 2017, focused on healthy eating and wellness programs.

Since then I have added a variety of Reset programs and Accountability Concierge Coaching to broaden my reach so I can share my knowledge and educate as many clients as possible.

In 2021 I completed the IIN Hormone Health Certification as well as the Designs for Health Supplement Specialist Certification that allows me to use the amazing Well World app to track my clients' progress remotely and comply with HIPAA guidelines. I will complete Gut Health Certification in 2023.

Follow me on Instagram(@michelledewolfhealthcoach) to stay up on all the fun and received tips and inspiration. 

Reboot You!

Michelle shares her knowledge and experience as she guides you through nourishing and caring for your body to lead a healthier life full of well-being. She has simplified the journey into small steps that allow you to start where you are, and build your plan one chapter at a time.

The book is a great roadmap for those that want to take a Do-It-Yourself approach to reboot their health and wellness, and its a great daily companion for those enrolled in a program.

Health tips from a board certified Health Coach
Wellness habits you can learn from a board certified Health Coach
Reboot You! A Guide to Your Best Health & Well-Being Book
Reboot You! A Guide to Your Best Health & Well-Being Book
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